About Us

We share memories, create motivational milestones, and inspire the multitudes.

The OLPSian Times is the official student publication of Our Lady of Peace School Antipolo.

Its sole purpose of enlightening the student body, defending the truth, and upholding the ethical values of journalism has what kept the organization alive since its establishment and during a global pandemic.

Now, more than ever, The OLPSian Times is dedicated to fight against misinformation, prejudice, and press subjugation – from physical copies of newsletters to published articles online through its newly set-up website.

The OLPSian Times has the right to inform because the OLPSian-Paulinian community has the right to know.

Editorial Board

Andrea Alinea


Niele Rosani

Managing Editor

Chelyn Cuasay

Entertainment Editor

Louise Dimailig

Feature Editor

Lyka Villaflores

News Editor

Kate Fernandez

Sci-Tech Editor

Cedric de Leon

Sports Editor

Janelle Quisora

Layout Editor

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