Melodies and Advocacies

Andrea Patrice Alinea | Editor-in-Chief | The OLPSian Times

Official UP REV posting from The OLPSian Times’ Facebook Page | The OLPSian Times

These past few days, people have been scouring the internet for some spare tickets as the University of the Philippines Diliman began hosting their annual UP Fair this week.

Considered to be the biggest student-initiated activity of the Diliman campus, UP Fair is a week-long advocacy-led music festival, for it is not only a celebration of music and the power it has to bring people together despite differences, but also a platform for the different organizations presenting each day of the week to bring awareness to a cause of their choice.

From Monday, February 12, up to Saturday, February 17, the biggest Filipino pop groups, bands, and performers will showcase a multitude of promising stage numbers in hopes of helping the hosts shed light on their chosen advocacies.

Out of all the days of the week-long fest, UP Rev Saturday has garnered the most attention, inviting acts such as Al James, BINI, Cup of Joe, and The Juans, among others.

Presented by Agham Youth, together with other associate organizations, protecting ancestral lands and defending national minorities are some of the advocacies they have chosen for February 17. There are also calls to surface activists Dexter Capuyan and Bazoo De Jesus, whose abductions are linked to their work in defending indigenous people’s rights.

With ties to national minorities such as the Dumagat, The OLPSian Times has been offered to be one of the event’s media partners, along with News5, UP Optics, and Altermidya, as a part of their ongoing mission towards responsible journalism.

Spot the OLPSian-Paulinians in the midst of Iskolars ng Bayan in the crowds this February 17 at the UP Fair Rev Saturday, hosted at the UP Diliman Sunken Garden from 3:40 PM onwards.

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