Aspiring to be Servant Leaders: OLPSian-Paulinian students engage in Club Recruitment

Nathaniel James T. Pagdanganan | Staffer | The OLPSian Times

Ongoing club recruitment featuring the presentation of the Blue Marching Condors (BMC) | Photo by The OLPSian Times Media Team

In an atmosphere of aspiring servant leaders, OLPSian Paulinian students gathered to embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement through club recruitment on September 8, 2023.

Organised by the Junior High School Student Council (JHSSCT), the said event was a remarkable testament to the school’s commitment to fostering talent and creativity among its students.

The event commenced with a captivating opening ceremony by the Junior High School Student Council. Their warm welcome set the tone for what would be an exciting day. The event hall was charged with excitement as the Blue Marching Condors (BMC) performed during the event.

Each club had its moment in the spotlight, with dynamic presentations outlining the exciting events and activities they have in store for the upcoming school year. These presentations served as a window into the world of possibilities that awaited students who chose to join these clubs. From the Official School Publication of the “The OLPSian Times” to the creative canvas of the “Art Club,” the choices were as diverse as the student body itself. The “MUNA” (Model of United Nation Assembly) Club promised a platform for budding diplomats, while the “INTERACT Club” pledged opportunities for community engagement.

The purpose of these clubs was crystal clear: to nurture and enhance the unique skills and interests of the students. It was evident that each club was dedicated to providing a supportive environment for students to learn, grow, and excel in their chosen pursuits.

As the presentations drew to a close, the JHSSCT took the stage once more to deliver the closing remarks. They expressed their gratitude to all participants and emphasized the importance of clubs in creating a holistic educational experience. Their words resonated with the students, leaving them inspired and eager to make their club selections.

The club recruitment event showcased the diverse array of clubs available to students but also ignited a sense of enthusiasm and purpose among the OLPS students.

With the guidance and support of these clubs, the students are poised to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and skill development throughout the school year.

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