The Solar superstorm causing an Internet ‘catastrophe’

Anthony Ponesto | Staffers | The OLPSian Times

Photo of the Sun’s solar activity | Photo Courtesy of NASA

Established by a report on Fox Weather on November 8, a squad of scientists in the United States is currently operating to produce an early warning system for a threatening solar activity that could damage critical technologies, including the internet.

What is a solar superstorm? A solar superstorm is a term for climatic outcome felt on Earth through events that happen in the sun. Solar superstorms occur when the sun discharges a huge burst of energy through solar flares. But what happens if a solar superstorm hits the earth? Well, when it does, it usually makes a gleaming northern light. While it does sound beautiful on paper, the solar superstorm can most likely disturb satellites and other electronic communications, such as the Internet, causing a potential “Internet catastrophe.”

While NASA hasn’t issued a warning regarding the solar superstorm as of June 2023, a scientist predicts that the solar superstorm could ‘wipe out the internet’ for weeks or even months. It is also said that the Earth will undergo a worldwide blackout since all power plants depend on the internet. 

If the world loses the Internet, it will most likely slow down our economy and our uprising, it will be a challenging task in performing our daily responsibilities. Businesses will plummet to the ground and the whole world will experience a mass hysteria, because we all rely on the Internet to communicate and do our labor, and it will be very difficult to provide for our families. 

Evolved countries will face more severe economic crises as their industries and trade industries will encounter devastating losses. From an economic and social perspective, it can massively affect our necessary supplies such as food and water, causing potential riots.

The Internet plays a huge role in our daily lives, it is a big part of our economic achievements and also our personal life. Even if a solar superstorm happens, it can be a good reason to spend more time with ourselves and, most importantly, our families. In the event that a solar superstorm hits the Earth, it is important that we are ready and prepared for such a solar catastrophe.

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